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 Some Advice for Some Players...

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not posted much :(
not posted much :(

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PostSubject: Some Advice for Some Players...   Some Advice for Some Players... Icon_minitimeThu Apr 15, 2010 11:52 am

Very Big Gold Reproduction by Ariethon:

During anytime at the Marketplace under the Actions Menu, Buy FSP (Fallen Sword Points) for the cheapest amount of gold, then go to the Marketplace daily and see if players are buying FSP for more than what you bought yours for and then set up a Marketplace and you will make more money if the players buy your FSP (Fallen Sword Points). So if you bought 8 FSP for 800,000 Gold and you sold those 8 FSP for 920,000 Gold, you would increase your gold amount by 120,000 Gold for which that if that was done 3 times with all the outcomes and purchases and sales the same amount, you would get 360,000 Gold.

Very Big Experience Reproduction by Ariethon:

During anytime before you go slaying monsters, try to get the experience buffs (Doubler, Adept Learner and Librarian) and the conservation buffs (Conserve, Animal Magnetism and Light Foot) and then spend all your stamina and if you have these buffs, you can gain killer experience for your character because the Adept Learner adds more experience to each monster kill, Librarian gives you a chance to double your experience during any monster kill, Doubler increases your experience to very high magnitudes depending on what level it is, Conserve gives you a chance to conserve stamina during any monster kill, Animal Magnetism gives you a chance for the monster to reappear again on any monster kill and Light Foot gives you a chance not to waste any stamina while walking on the World Map.

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This document is not to be recorded, duplicated, distributed or copied for any reason unless I give the permission for the following document to be distributed

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Some Advice for Some Players...
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