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not posted much :(

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PostSubject: MEROVINGAIN STORY   MEROVINGAIN STORY Icon_minitimeSun Sep 13, 2009 12:58 pm

ok... Guys.. I'm not that good in English.. so please.. feel free to correct my mistakes... I want some critics .I am 16 years old guy , that has never did something like that.. so please.. rate , and please respect my work.. ok? :S

Last week.. when some more members left us... i just wanted to write patriotic story , about merovingians.. so.. here's my work

One freezing , cold Erildathian winter , Merovech , mightiest of rulers was born , the keeper of Iluthar , the single sword rumored to generate the power to prevent unholy demons from entering the world of Erildath.Iluthar must have been wielded by a human of royal blood, otherwise its effects wouldn't be useful ,so The sword , was given to child of old king , king elected by gods , Apollo , grandson of Zeus ,ruler of blessed lands of Merovings - lands east of Lanslil ( Elven Fortress located in the East Lands of Mora ).
Merovech , ruled his lands , they grew and prospered , they were united by loyalty to king.
Until one night The Shadow Lord devised a major campaign that would divide the united forces of light. A massive army of mercenaries were dispatched to lay siege to the Elven fortress Lanslil in the East Lands of Mora. Meanwhile, the Shadow Lord had dispatched five legions of greenskin warriors to invade the West Lands of Eagos, burning and pillaging every village and town they encountered before arriving at Aachen where they finally laid siege to the mighty Human Citadel that stood there.Merovings survived , they stood pride over their land , it was last human bastion in Erildath , last place where people were save from the Shadow Lord .Huge bloodshed was happening every day at gates of Aachen , but Meroving citadel stood proudly ,they would fight till the end... After some time , people stopped to trust the citadel of Merovings , they betrayed them , they left to other , already formed bastions , and cities , so did even the most trusted man of Merovech.
After some time , Meroving lands , got separated , by inner conflicts , and the war against Shadow Lord , it formed in two huge parts.. The Merovingians , and as they called them selves "Golden Horde" , it was guild , made from betrayers, deserters from Merovingians , elite knights, who left they're mates , friends , and even family , for glory.
As , the Shadow Lords attacks still were concentraded on Meroving keep , merovings failed , to secure , the Iluthar -Sword of Light , though kings aren't allowed to directly particapate in war , Merovech charged directly at Shadow Lord.. he injured him , but felt unconscious. Shadow Lord.. The lord of darkness , of eternal suffering , didn't kill the royal family of Merovings , for their bravery.He took the sword.. sword granted by gods , for himself. Sword.. Sword was powerless in hands of such demon , so he destroyed it.. sword in witch everyone believed , was destroyed.
Shadow lord , left lands of Erildath leaving hordes of demons , to end the job , but until left , he visited the betrayers of their families , peoples who allowed him to kill their friends , their land , and ruler. He turned them in to freaks , he left his demonic mark on every of the betrayer knights , on Baron Van Drake , his horse , the Royal assassin of Merovechs family- Lord Malphas , and beloved of the young king - Lorelei , it is rumored that these creatures still roam in lands of Erildath.
Merovech , with his closest people renewed , the empire of Merovingians , and sweared to his self , that some day he will kill Shadow Lord , from that day Merovingians are still growing better , uniting ,and ruling the lands , in search for more loyal heroes who'll help in search for Shadow Lord ..They are STRONG ,
HONORIFIC and LOYAL to king!
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