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 Ithangor's Advanced Levelling Guide for Levels 186+

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Ithangor's Advanced Levelling Guide for Levels 186+ Empty
PostSubject: Ithangor's Advanced Levelling Guide for Levels 186+   Ithangor's Advanced Levelling Guide for Levels 186+ Icon_minitimeSun Jul 26, 2009 3:24 pm

You may have noticed that once you get to level 186, 1-hit killing is not as simple as wearing the best gear. You will need more than just high damage gear and this guide will explain the buffs you need to use if you want to carry on 1-hit killing (which you should!)

How much damage do you need to have?

The amount of damage you need will start to vary a lot between levels. It will go up and down and by the time you get in to the 300's it can vary by 2-3K. You can use the Wiki to search for the mob to find its stats, or better still, use this website which will tell you exactly, the minimum amount of damage you should have to kill in one hit:

This will tell you which mob you should be killing, and also the damage required to kill it in one hit. It will also tell you the amount of attack you need as this will start to become more of an issue aswell. Up until about level 300, you should only need DC to decrease the mobs defence, after that you will need to start using KE to increase your own attack aswell.

I don't have enough damage from my equipment!

As I said, you will no longer have enough damage from just your equipment, so you will need to start using some buffs that you have previously never needed. I will list them here, along with their pros and cons:

Death Dealer (For every 5 kills in a row, without dying, you gain +0.01% extra damage per point - Max 20%)
The description makes it seem a bit confusing but basically this works from your kill streak. You should always get it at level 175 which will require only a kill streak of 60 to get the maximum +20% bonus to your damage. This will make it easier to get back, if you should ever lose you kill streak, which will happen when you make silly mistakes (and it is very very annoying!) This will usually cost you 1FSP or you may be able to find it a bit cheaper. The link above has a list of some players who sell it cheaper, but they are often hard to find. The only downside to using this is that you will need to use Summon Shield Imp also, which will protect your kill streak for those times when you lose fights. You have probabaly noticed by now that no matter what your stats are, you will still sometimes miss altogether or an ehancement on the mob will kick in (like reinforced armor or nullify) and you wont deal enough damage. I will explain IMP next.

Summon Shield Imp (Creates an Imp which can absorb 100% of damage. Each full absorb uses one of the Shield Imp's hit points. The Shield Imp starts with 3 hit points and gains one for each 50 points placed in this skill. The Shield Imp auto-debuffs when it reaches zero hit points)
In short, this will save you from dying. It is a handy little IMP who follows you around and is willing to take any blows that come your way. You will see that it works a bit like Doubler in that it improves every 50 levels. So at level 50 (which you can get from a potion, but dont bother as you can get the full buff for cheaper) it has 4 hit points, at 100 it has 5 and finally at 150 it has 6 hit points. It will lose one hit point every time you are hit (whether the hit would have killed you or not). Once it loses its final hitpoint, it will be gone and you will need to get another. You MUST use this buff if you are using Death Dealer, otherwise there is no point. It can be expensive and a lot of players try to sell it for 2FSP or more, however, with a little bit of searching you can find it quite easily for 1FSP or sometimes as cheap as 50K. I usually use about 1 IMP for every 1500-2000 stamina, if you are using more than that then you might be doing something wrong so come speak to me and I will have a look at what it might be.

Berserk Level 350 - Potion of Fury (+0.2% base Damage per point.)
This is the very reason why you should have been putting all your level up points in to Damage. The skill berserk only gives a bonus based upon your Base stats (level up allocation). At level 350 it will give you an extra 70% of your damage allocation (so for me I have 775 points in damage (all) and so this gives me an extra 542 damage, pretty useful!). The potions can be pricey, but BMWV will give you a good price. You may be able to get away with just using Berserk level 175, but this will usually cost 1FSP anyway, so I say go with the potion as it may save you having to use Counter Attack (or at least a lower level one), which I will explain next.

Counter Attack (Uses 0.25% extra stamina (per point) to add 0.25% to both attack and damage. (Both values are rounded up, vs. creature only))
This is a good skill as it will increase your damage AND attack. However, it comes at a hefty price of using more stamina. There are certain different calculations to work out how much extra stamina it uses which can also be found on the above mentioned website, direct link to the page:

So depending on which doubler you use, changes the cut off points for using one extra stamina per hit. Look at the tables on the website, and for each level of Counter Attack shown under the Doubler you are using, you will use 1 more Stamina per hit.

There is also a calculator which will tell you how much your total damage will be with each of the standard levels of Counter Attack:

Enter in your attack and damage stats and it will tell you what they will be with each level of counter attack. This will help you to find the right level that you need. You should always use the lowest level Counter Attack possible and that is why the calculator will show you your damage with maximum Death Dealer bonus added, and then with Counter Attack. You should always try and use Death Dealer, and then only use Counter Attack if you still fall short. It uses more stamina and so is not as efficient, and technically is not 1-hit killing.

One final note on Counter Attack, If you are ever needing to use it higher than level 125, then come speak to me. It is actually more effective to 2-hit using Wither350 (Potion of Fatality) (which will kick in 75% of the time and you will one hit anyway.). If you want to use this approach then come talk to me about it as it can get very complicated.

Enchant Weapon Level 1000 - Potion Of Truth (+0.1% per point stat bonus increase to your equipped weapon.)
I have only started using this fairly recently but wish I had used it sooner as it would have meant that I did not need to use Counter Attack so much. The normal buff you can get from players (at level 175) wont really do much, although sometimes it may be just enough. At level 1000 it will Double all the stats of your equipped weapon. This is only really useful if your weapon has at least 300 damage, which by level 200 when you start using the Inferno Hammer, it will be great. It is however, very expensive. I use it every single hunt and pay anything between 300K and 500K. This is really one to use only if you have enough Max Stamina to make back the cost of it in your hunt. If you have less than 4000 then you probably wont by the time you get all the other buffs.

Additional Buffs

You may find some other buffs useful. I still hunt using Wither, Deathwish and sometimes Spectral Knight and Shatter Armor. These will help reduce the fights you lose, and so preserve your IMP. If you are going to get these then try and get them as cheap as possible by buying someones "All Buffs" packages. They are not essential and if you have less than 2000 Max Stamina to hunt with then one IMP should be enough and you probably wont need them.

Dont bother getting Last Ditch or Deflection as these only come in to affect after your IMP has been hit, so they wont save it.

Post level 300 you may be lacking attack, so get Keen Edge (+0.1% per point to your attack for each complete set equipped.) This is of course only useful if you have at least one full set equiped, which you should do anyway!

I think that should do for now. I have made this pretty quickly and there may be things I have missed so I will keep looking at it and add to it. If there is anything that doesn't make sense or you want me to explain further (especially Counter Attack) then just come ask, even if I am not online, I will get back to you asap.

I hope this helps you all, I sure wish this kind of information was available to me sooner!!

EDIT: The website that I have given the link for at the start of this, will also tell you the best equipment for each level (usually in groups of levels). I know that the Guild does not currently have a lot of it, so you will be using the sets that we do have. I will however, be creating a list of all the 1-Hit equipment that we need past level 200 so that we can start to buy some of it. Most of it isn't too expensive and even the Non Forged version, may be better than using the normal sets that we do have.
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not posted much :(
not posted much :(

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Ithangor's Advanced Levelling Guide for Levels 186+ Empty
PostSubject: Re: Ithangor's Advanced Levelling Guide for Levels 186+   Ithangor's Advanced Levelling Guide for Levels 186+ Icon_minitimeMon Aug 03, 2009 11:52 am

Excellent post, Ithangor! I've already started taking advantage of this useful information and the links provided. This should be a a must for anyone hunting at level 186 and above.
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not posted much :(
not posted much :(

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Ithangor's Advanced Levelling Guide for Levels 186+ Empty
PostSubject: Re: Ithangor's Advanced Levelling Guide for Levels 186+   Ithangor's Advanced Levelling Guide for Levels 186+ Icon_minitimeMon Aug 17, 2009 10:09 am

im only lvl 51 lol Rolling Eyes
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Ithangor's Advanced Levelling Guide for Levels 186+ Empty
PostSubject: Re: Ithangor's Advanced Levelling Guide for Levels 186+   Ithangor's Advanced Levelling Guide for Levels 186+ Icon_minitime

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Ithangor's Advanced Levelling Guide for Levels 186+
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