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 A Beginners Guide - But not just for BEGINNERS!! Section 1

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A Beginners Guide - But not just for BEGINNERS!! Section 1 Empty
PostSubject: A Beginners Guide - But not just for BEGINNERS!! Section 1   A Beginners Guide - But not just for BEGINNERS!! Section 1 Icon_minitimeWed Jul 01, 2009 5:32 am

Section 1
Part 1 - The Real Basics
Part 2 - Equipment
Part 3 - Buffs
Part 4 - Actual Hunting!

Section 2
Part 5 - Level-Up Point Allocation
Part 6 - Skill Point Allocation
Part 7 - Upgrades
Part 8 - Ways to make FSP

Right, I thought it was about time I laid down all my advice in one thread. This will be designed to help any new players but also those players who are higher up and need some guidance on how to get the best out of their stamina.

If there is anything more you wish to know then please PM me in game and if it helps you then hcnaces are it will help others and I will add it in here.

Part 1 - The Real Basics (I will add to this when I think up anything else)

I will assume that everyone knows how to move around the map, put on and take off equipment etc?

When you first start playing you will need to hunt twice per day if you don't want to waste any stamina. If you can try and get into a routine for playing at the same times each day, then it will be a lot easier and you will have maximum, or close to maximum, stamina each time. It is more efficient to hunt with maximum stamina as you will need less buffs/potions etc in the long run.

Part 2 - Equipment

When you go hunting you should make sure that you are wearing at least one "Set". This is a group of items ranging from 2 pieces all the way up to a full 9 pieces. If you are wearing the whole set you will get extra bonuses to your stats and enhancements. The most important of which is the "Elite Hunter" which will give you extra XP when hunting. This means that you have to think about the equipment you are wearing rather than just throwing stuff on. For a guide on what equipment to wear have a look here:

I would also add to this that from level 5 to 20 you can go with Emissaries set and whatever else you find from hunting.

For those of you level 186 and above, this website is a must as it tells you exactly how much damage you need to one hit kill. It also has some suggested equipment and I have been using it since level 186. You will need to use some Offensive buffs to still one hit here and I will add this later to an Advanced Section:

You dont have to go with the above sets, you can work out your own and its fairly easy to do. You always want to try and kill each creature with one hit, as this only uses 1 Stamina and is the most efficient. The most important points you need to know:

1) Your Attack stat must be higher than the creatures Defence stat. Preferably at least 10% higher. This will make sure you hit it.
2) Your Damage stat must be higher than the creatures Armor and HP stats added together. Again, 10% higher is best. This will make sure you do enough damage in one hit to kill it.
3) Optional: For safety, and in the lower levels this is fairly easy to do, make sure that either your Defence is higher than their Attack, or that your Armor and HP is higher than their Damage. This will ensure that you survive a hit when you miss. There is always about a 2% chance that you will miss regardless of your stats, but also that the creature will hit you, regardless of stats.

All your equipment doen't have to be Perfect and Fully Forged/Upgraded. All that matters is that your Offence stats (Attack and Damage) are better than the creatures Defensive stats (Defence and Armor + HP).

To find out what any creatures stats are, just go to the FS Wiki and search for the creature. Don't always rely on the stats that you can see in the game as these do change and there are upper and lower limits which the wiki will tell you. The best thing to do is always assume the highest values on the Wiki.

It is a good idea to plan ahead and look at what stats you need for the next few levels and when you will need to upgrade to some new equipment.

Part 3 - Buffs

The next thing to do before you hunt is get some buffs. The minimum you will need are Treasure Hunter (more gold per kill) and Adept Learner (more XP per kill). Librarian and Merchant have similar roles, but only activate every now and then (to double the amount of XP or Gold gained per kill) so these are not "essential" at first because when you only hunt with 600-700 stamina they wont activate all that much.

Doubler is a good addition as it means you will hunt faster - 3 or 4 times the XP and Gold gained per kill, for 3 or 4 times the amount of stamina. Doubler does not give you anything extra as such, it just means that you need to find less creatures to kill. Therefore, Doubler is not an essential buff either as you can hunt just as well without it, it will just take a bit longer. In the lower levels there are so many creatures around that you dont really need it.

Some other buffs to have are:

1) Conserve, which gives a chance to not use any stamina but does not activate very much This is only really of any benefit once your stamina is over 1000.
2) Animal Magnetism, which gives a chance that a creature you just killed will respawn again. This is only needed once you start finding creatures numbers declining. I dont think this is really a problem until at least level 50.
3) Attack/Damage buffs. Providing you are wearing the right equipment, these should not really be needed until you get to around level 186 (and I will explain them in a later section). However, if you have decided to go for a 2 hit Set Up (I havn't explained these as I dont like them and they are not the most efficient way to level) then you may need them. Also, if you are having trouble with one particular level then these can help. If you need some advice on when you need these, then come ask me as I dont think it is necssary to explain them on here.

Being a member of a Guild means that you can get some buffs for free. All you need to do is make sure you have a good amount of stamina to hunt with, and ask for some buffs in Chat. Please make sure to be polite and say please ad thankyou. You also need to make sure that when you ask for buffs, you have enough time do your full hunt. We are getting some members logging off after only using 100 or even no stamina! It costs us Stamina to buff you, so please use them or you may find that you wont get any in future.

Also, we need stamina for ourselves and so cannot give out endless amounts of buffs to everyone. I will always give out TH, AL and Doubler. I may give Conserve and AM if I and you have enough stamina to make it worthwhile. If you require more buffs than you are given, then I am afriad you will need to go and buy them. It is so so so so easy to buy buffs and you can make enough money back in any hunt to cover the costs. Just have a look at the Home Page and there will be a list of 10 players messages, most of them selling buffs. Find ones that you can afford and then remember that player for next time you need them.

My last point on Buffs, is please try not to buff yourself, especially with anything lower than level100 buffs. It is a waste of stamina as any buff (other than Quest Finder) is nearly pointless if it is lower than level 100. The buffs listed above really are all you need to start out with, so dont waste your own Stamina/Gold or anyone elses, on getting others just yet.

Part 4 - Actual Hunting!

So you have your equipment and buffs sorted, now you need to know where to hunt. You always need to be killing creatures at or above your level. This will make sure you get the most amount of XP and Gold for your level. There is a great website which tells you what and where you need to hunt and it may be an idea to use this when deciding on your equipment also:

Just use the menu on the left to find the appropriate section for your level. When you need to move from one level to the next, you will need to use the Wiki again to find the best way to do this. It will have all the maps you need (until you get into levels 300+ where some are missing and you may have to work it out yourself):

Now you should be all set to go hunting! One last thing to note is Quests. I never used to be a fan of the Quests but now that they have updated and increased the rewards (XP and Gold) most of them are definately worth doing. A lot of them require you to simply go to an area on the map, kill a certain number of creatures and then go back to claim some bonus XP. If these are the creatures that you were going to be killing anyway then they are definately worth doing. Some others require you to just go to a few different areas to pick up or deliver things. I would suggest saving these ones til the end of your hunt, when you have a little stamina left. Again, the Wiki has a guide to all the quests:

I have recently gone back to complete a load of quests to help me get through some tougher levels. This shouldn't be a problem til past level 200, but its worth keeping in mind.

My last point on hunting is to leave Champions and Elites alone. They are generally fairly tough to kill and will often require a Group, which costs 20 stamina to set up and then 5 Stamina for everyone that joins. They just aren't worth it and unless you really want the equipment they drop (Elites only) then they are a waste of hunting stamina. Super Elites you should definately stay away from as they are very very strong and always require a group until you become much higher and more experienced. I have never tried to kill one as its not a part of the game I wish to get involved in yet. If you lose to a Super Elite then you will lose A LOT of XP which is most upsetting.

If there is anything more you wish to know then please PM me in game and if it helps you then hcnaces are it will help others and I will add it in here.
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A Beginners Guide - But not just for BEGINNERS!! Section 1
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