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 About Buffing & Good Buffers in Fallen Sword

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not posted much :(
not posted much :(

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About Buffing & Good Buffers in Fallen Sword Empty
PostSubject: About Buffing & Good Buffers in Fallen Sword   About Buffing & Good Buffers in Fallen Sword Icon_minitimeTue Apr 28, 2009 9:02 am

We keep getting the questions in Guild Chat. Let's point everyone to our Forums where ALL the answers are. Less type time more Hunting!
This is work in progress, input most welcome What a Face , indeed, input is essential.

Buffing Rulez
1. Use "Please" & "Thank You" Smile

2. Some Buffers welcome donations.

3. Always check a Buffer's BIO for instructions & NB check how much Stam the Buff has while you are there.

4. It's rude to request Buffs when: Evil or Very Mad
a) You have little Stam left.
b) Buffer has low Stam & you don't ask politely if Buffs are OK to buff or not.
c) You try to rush the Buffer.
d) (some cases) requesting ALL Buffs instead of being specific (read the Buffer's BIO)
e) You don't pay!

5. Helpful Tips: study
a) Keep your regular buffers in your Enemies list
(FYI if people are in your Allies list, within about 50 levels of you and you use the "Aid" Buff, then you use some of their stats in Hits.)
b) Use your notepad in your profile if you have too many names/things to remember, it is very handy.
c) It is a waste to Buff someone with a Skill that does not have full points.
d) There are Buffs that can only be had by using Potions sold in the Auction House (AH)
e) Using Doubler, if your Stam runs out, de-activate the Doubler and keep hunting until your Stam hits 20.
(there's nothing more humbling than fully appreciating how much Doubler & Buffs REALLY help get huge XP & gold gains!!)

6. Buffers in Fallen Sword: (in no particular order) swordfighter
a) FREE Buffers:
PabloBison; your Guild mates
b) Good Buffers:
RabidBeast ; FoggaFilly; Mragana; VoPhiHung; Dumakai; Revenge89; Uselesstoy; stabbyteet; Tokuzato (v friendly, sometimes free);
Domin8rix; Tito1; GuNrUlEr; bigbodit; becci; Ventuegal (lvl 165 Buffs); sweetpea28; Brontus; gk666; Phuturist (lvl 175); grunty07;
c) Specials a.k.a. real Wheeler Dealers:
biohazardx (good!); hades8840; RETSNOM; Dantrion; DukeofEarl; BuShiDo; gk666; JadeDreams; LordClaude;
d) Expensive but for last resort if there is a Buff strike!
SunnyBrat; Inqognitor; LordClaude;

Phew, well it's a start! I have just put down some of what i know, whether good or crud. It's up to YOU to make it great! cheers


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About Buffing & Good Buffers in Fallen Sword Empty
PostSubject: Re: About Buffing & Good Buffers in Fallen Sword   About Buffing & Good Buffers in Fallen Sword Icon_minitimeFri May 01, 2009 6:04 pm

Nice right up, V..It's sad that some ppl just weren't taught any basic manners. BTW I always use the allies/enemies list of underbj, cougar and yours to check for buffers ahaha Razz
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About Buffing & Good Buffers in Fallen Sword
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