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 Merovingian RANKS

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PostSubject: Merovingian RANKS   Merovingian RANKS Icon_minitimeTue Feb 03, 2009 6:52 pm

Grand Master Chosen by the Founders Proving yourself by being supportive in donations, experience time and energy into making the Merovingians the best guild
Grand Duke 80,000,000xp and donation of 800 fsp or 120,000,000 gold
Dynastic Duke 40,000,000xp and donation of 400 fsp or 60,000,000 gold
Dynastic Earl 20,000,000xp and donation of 200fsp or 30,000,000 gold
Dynastic Count 10,000,000xp and donation of 125fsp or 15,000,000 gold
Dynastic Baron 5,000,000xp and donation of 100fsp or 7,000,000 gold
Seneschal Chosen by the GM's - Prove yourself to the GM's through dedication to the game and the guild and you could be awarded this rank
Priori of Sion Donation of 100 fsp or 10,000,000 gold
Sion Knight Gold Spur 2,500,000xp and donation of 40fsp or 4,000,000 gold
Sion Knight Silver Spur 1,250,000xp and donation of 20fsp or 2,000,000 gold

Sion Knight Bronze Spur
600,000xp and donation of 10fsp or 1,000,000 gold

Sion Banner Guardian
300,000xp and donation of 5fsp or 500,000 gold
Sion at Arms 150,000xp and donation of 3fsp or 250,000 gold
Knight Champion 80,000XP and donation of 1fsp or 100,000 gold

Knight Errant
40,000 xp points and 1fsp or 50,000 gold
Knight Apprentice 20,000 xp points or 10,000 and 25,000 gold
Merovingian Horseman 5,000 xp points and 5,000 gold
Merovingian Warrior 2,000 xp points
Pledged Initiate Welcome to the Merovingians- your rank will result from XP growth and gold/FSP contributions to the guild. You can check your contributions through the Advisor Screen under Guild-Manage
Passing With Honour Resting place for long lost Merovingians
I need to level up You have not been hunting and contributing to the guild. Please go hunting and send a message to a GM or Seneshal to be re-leveled.
I need to return foerged Lokor/Ghostly sets to teh guild store. These sets are our most used and we do not have enough of them. Please return them to the store after you go hunting so that they can be used by other members.
Pillory You have acted un-Merovingian please check the guild log to see who placed you in there and contact that GM or Seneschal.
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Merovingian RANKS
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