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 What skills should I upgrade?

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What skills should I upgrade? Empty
PostSubject: What skills should I upgrade?   What skills should I upgrade? Icon_minitimeSat Sep 06, 2008 1:12 pm

We were recently given a free skill set upgrade. Go to “upgrade”, “use points”, then click on “Buy” next to “Reset skill points”. Don’t hit “Reset’Level Up’ Points” by accident or you will spend 50fsp. Make sure it says 0 FSP next to what you are buying. I have compiled a list of the best skills to have. It is always useful to have any skill that increases your exp and gold from kills so these top my list. If you are under level 25 do not use any skills. Save up for adept learner and max it out when you hit level 25. Do not put 10 on one skill 10 on another and so on. You lose stamina when you cast these buffs so max one out then move onto the next as level 10 adept learner gives little to no benefit and costs the same as level 100.

Adept Learner (0.2% per point increase in xp from creature kills)
Librarian (+0.1% per point chance to gain double xp from creatures)
Merchant (+0.05% per point chance to gain double gold from creatures)
Treasure Hunter (+0.2% per point additional gold from creatures)
Rage (+20% base attack)
Fury (+10% base attack, +10% base damage)
Berserk (+10% base damage)
Enchant Weapon (+10% stats from your weapon, not including "gain" stats)
Dark Curse (+20% reduction of creatures defense)
Enchanted Armor (+10% stats from your armor)(needs 10 points in absorb)
Treasure Hunter (+20% old from creatures)
Find Item (+10% to creatures item drop rate)

You should be putting all your level up points to Damage and attack. At about level 50 they should all go to damage in order to continue to do one hit kills on monsters. Be wary of defensive skills. They sound good but read the fine print. They only increase your base defense and armor so if all your skill points are on damage it will do very little. Talk about this in guild chat if you have any questions. Together we will achieve greatness. Happy Hunting Merovingians!!!
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What skills should I upgrade?
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